Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Year Two commences...

27 May is the day that my second year of study starts
and reminding me that i still have 2 years to 'migrate' to working world.
sad case it is. however, that doesnt bother me much yet. haha!

the timetable kinda bother me alot.
Monday got a lecture class at 8am-10am.
Wednesday is a free day. not so happy about it also. prefer an off day on Monday or Saturday.
lastly, there's a lecture class on Saturday at 10-12pm.
apala.. excluding Wednesday, i got a day off on Sunday and that's all. no more play time.


i bought an external HDD today in lowyat.
A 320GB WD External HDD.
Price = Rm 260
and it burned a hole in my pocket.
unavoidable, since i need it. haha!
more and more movies and songs will be in saved in new HDD.
actually, i wanted to get 500GB but it's way out of my budget. haiz.
so 320GB would be the best option for me at the moment.


Lastly but not forgotten, i going to Genting Highland this Friday for an event sponsored by Carlsberg.
I'm one of the Top 15 finalist.
Thank god, that i drink! HAHA!


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