Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Here In My Home

Here In My Home - Malaysian Artistes For Unity

Im just doing my part, promoting the song to all my readers and friends.
For more info, please go to

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kungfu Panda

Last Wednesday, Henry, Shu Xian, Steven and I went to One Utama just to watch Kungfu Panda.
We took taxi to there and it cost us Rm8.70. LOL! quite ok la for 4 people. haha!
Then bought tickets for Rm7 instead of Rm11 for 4 people.

Next, entered the hall and watched it.
Inside the cinema, i laughed and laughed. Damn hilarious! Jack Black cekap la!
After one hour and forty plus minutes, the movie ended. But Henry said that there's a special ending after the credits. So we sat there for several minutes. While waiting, I took some pictures of myself and other. haha!

Credits of KungFu Panda.

Notice the two girls in front, they were camwhoring. Haha!

Lazy Henry. -_-"

Jimmy, the hunk.

Yet there was no so-called special ending. Wasted our time and almost got us locked inside the cinema. -_-"

Later we went for a dinner at Sushi King. Then we queued for taxi at old wing of One Utama.

Today (13th June 2008) i went to a special event. Related to my course and it was NICE!
Will blog about it when i collected allllllll the pictures.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Roxy Summer Splash 08

Last Saturday, i was in Subang for the Roxy Summer Splash 08.
Left my house at 1130am with Henry, Pei Lee and Sharon.
Used LDP to get to Sunway was the only choice.
Therefore, we got stuck in JAM for an hour.

Parked our car at rooftop and walked all the way down to the entrance.

But queued and being pushed and sandwiched in the queue, I GOING MAD!
I did scream to those assholes who been pushing. Barbaric men!
Already the entrance like a lane and we like 100xx lanes going thru a small 'hole'.


Impatience Partygoers.

Well, after 'gruesome' of 2 hours stuck in the barbaric queue, we managed to get it.
Of course, i missed out the goodies bag, promised someone to get it for her. Oh well, it was beyond my reach. T_T

Inside the summer splash, a lot of activities going on.
Example, seventeen cover's babes and hunks, surfing, and several i-dont-know-its-name.
Though sounded a lot of activities, actually i was bored to death in there.

Bikini Babes

Hunk of the year!

But, the world is so small that i bumped into ShianRu, ChinSiew and YeeWeen. Had some chats. And later, we parted. Haha! So great to met those girls. Too bad, no camera with me.

After drying myself up, we decided to depart from the party. Wise decision because we so bored.

The entrance was closed and we need to use a detour. and this detour can take you sightseeing around Sunway!
We walked for a freaking 30minutes and it rained once we reach Piramid.
All so bad mood due to the long distance walk.

But thank to my recommendation, all happy.
thank to bak kut teh!!
located at ss14.
Sorry no picture. Too hungry to wait to take pictures.

Then, all went home with a satisfying fully filled stomach. HAha!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

KBU Graduation Rave Party 08

Last Friday, I went to a rave party organized by KBU. It was a graduation rave party.
Went there with Henry, Shu Xian, KayC and Sharon.

a chop 'rave'

I was surprised by their sponsors. heck alot and some of the sponsors are those big company, ei, AirAsia! Woots! big big company, that is. I super jealous. haiz. If only last time the campfire that my rover made got such big big big big sponsor. haiz. Olden day.

Well, this is the first time i go some other college party. nothing special. just got some buffet drink. ohya, there is no alcohol. and it was a rave party.

how to rave without alcohol??!!!

but it was in college, so the rave party was bounded to the college's rules. sigh! just drank some juices and pepsi. the food was good but in small pieces. haha! nice fondue, i liked it. haha! i wonder is the student cook themselves or ordered from outside? if cook themselves, thumb up. it is delicious.

the rave really good. many KBU students enjoyed it. unlike me from UTAR, kinda isolated from the rave. the rave lasted quite long until when it come to the end, it was so hard for the MCs to settle down with the students who 'addicted' to dancing.

overall, quite nice la. thumb up for the organizing committees. but the foriegn students need to understand our local 'things'.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Triple Boom!

Boom Boom Boom! It is the sound of thunders roaring in the sky.
Together with lightning's 'firework' display.

These two magnificent performance KILLED MY CEILING FAN!

died ceiling fan

Thanks god that my laptop didnt get fried up as well.
Now i living with my mini stand fan, that serves me for a long period of time.


Well, what i could do is
call the landlord
to call for repairmen to come over
and repair my ceiling fan and some lights.

*singing on the tune of 'What a wonderful world'*
What a HOT day onward.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Euro2008 MOTM

I back from Genting Highland lo...
It sure was a tiring day on the arriving day. Haha!
Thank for my almost-dried handphone, i couldnt take as many pictures when i was on the activities. :(
However, i could just describe what had happened on that day itself.

Well, it started when Henry and I reached ....
Mandarin Oriental Hotel around 930am. We were the first to be there. I was amazed by the 'standard' of the hotel we went. Damn it so classy! i bet i wont able to stay a night at there. the price sure 'kills me'. It located just right between KLCC and KLCC convention centre.
Anyway, let gets back on the story...

Closing to 10am, many media presses and participants arrived and we went on board a bus booked by Carlsberg and we headed up to the 'entertainment city'. I slept all the way to First World. I slept because i slept late on the previous night and woke up early.

Arriving at First World, we all headed to the lobby to be register and get our gifts (nametag, lanyard, vouchers, a sport t-shirt). Too bad, i cant take much pictures of the gifts. After that, Henry went to find his friend and I followed a group of participants to Coffee Terrace to have our free lunch. That time were 12.05pm and we were told to be in Theme Park Hotel by 1230pm. How in earth we would eat our lunch within 25minutes? Poorly plan. Person A say one, Person B say another.

So we had our lunch as fast as possible and rushed to Theme Park Hotel to have a brief meeting of the activities that we will faced. There were 9 games/challenges for the participants/finalists to challenge. Some of them are easy, but some are HARD! well, this is my opinion and i dont know about others.

In uniform

As far as i remembered (yea, didnt take pictures on the games' description), there are :-
        1. dribbling a ball thru 10 cons in Snow World
        2. rock climbing
        3. Archery
        4. Ricochet bowling
        5. kiss an iguana (it's HUGE)
        6. sit space shot and memorize countries that in euro2008
        7. sit flying dragon and transfer wristbands from one arm to another arm.
        8. sit spinner with a ball put in between your legs.
        9. kick 10 balls into the holes.
That was the challenges i gotta go thru in order to win a ticket to watch euro2008.
The game started at 230pm at Coffee Terrace. i chose to go to kiss iguana as my first station. well, we can randomly choose which challenge we want first.
So in the end,
i managed to do all challenges except challenge No.6 and challenge No.7.
I have a reason behind this. It's because i afraid of height. SERIOUSLY! NO KIDDING! i would die if i sit space shot, for instant. DIE you know!
surrendered myself at 5pm at Safari and i was given my room card.
Head back my room and rest til 7pm. Ohya, Henry rejoined me when i was surrendering myself. LOL.

At 730pm, we (ALL people) went to Safari for the cocktail-buffet dinner-winner announcement. the food in Safari was EXCELLENT! Not to forget the free-flow of Carlsberg beer. I keeps on drinking and drinking. Well, i pretty much in control of myself from getting wasted. The best part was the interview i did during the event of the night. i was partially over-dosed with alcohol and i did an interview. LOL. quite fun and casual interview. i never thought that i would do so well.

me and Carlsberg.

Well, after the winner announced, the event slowly ended and me and some finalists stayed there a little while and 'was told by mr lee jak tim to finish up the barrel of carlsberg beer'. He is sure a nice guy and able to drink one shot finish and FAST. Well, we did slowly finish up those 3-4 jugs of beer. And later henry and i went back to our room and called it a day. Beforehand, i went to macd and bought a bigmac as my supper.

So on the following day, we departed from genting highland on 11am and arrived back to Mandarin Oriental Hotel. And both of us slowly head back home and sleep!