Sunday, June 08, 2008

KBU Graduation Rave Party 08

Last Friday, I went to a rave party organized by KBU. It was a graduation rave party.
Went there with Henry, Shu Xian, KayC and Sharon.

a chop 'rave'

I was surprised by their sponsors. heck alot and some of the sponsors are those big company, ei, AirAsia! Woots! big big company, that is. I super jealous. haiz. If only last time the campfire that my rover made got such big big big big sponsor. haiz. Olden day.

Well, this is the first time i go some other college party. nothing special. just got some buffet drink. ohya, there is no alcohol. and it was a rave party.

how to rave without alcohol??!!!

but it was in college, so the rave party was bounded to the college's rules. sigh! just drank some juices and pepsi. the food was good but in small pieces. haha! nice fondue, i liked it. haha! i wonder is the student cook themselves or ordered from outside? if cook themselves, thumb up. it is delicious.

the rave really good. many KBU students enjoyed it. unlike me from UTAR, kinda isolated from the rave. the rave lasted quite long until when it come to the end, it was so hard for the MCs to settle down with the students who 'addicted' to dancing.

overall, quite nice la. thumb up for the organizing committees. but the foriegn students need to understand our local 'things'.

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