Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dreadful Night

Previously on my blog, I said that I will post about why and how I lost my precious wallet with my important stuffs in it such as IC, license and also my two ATM cards.

Last week, I just finished my final paper on Thursday....

Fast forward to Friday please....



Ok! It was Friday night where 3 of my friends wanted to go to clubbing at Barcelona.
My friend, Lau so eager to club in KL and he have it that night.

Went there around 1am and met up with LingHui and Shian Ru.
They two went earlier with some relatives of them.

Got a black label with discounted price. Ok lo.

kanyin, me, dwayne, lau

we drink a little nia.

BUT hor...
the relative of either Ling Hui or Shian Ru, keeps on 'tio-ing' us.

Well, i kena the most. and i got KO before i could feel tipsy.

keong kan lo

''nmm cai lang'' at all.

based on those three of my friends, i dropped on the sofa and puked.

ok. then, i luan luan tarik 3sec and 10sec pure liquor.

fine lo, they didnt stop me. swt!

Then, puked lagi.

Then need to carried out of the barcelona.

Got 'thrown' onto roadside. Dwayne's friend (girl) pulled up my shirt and exposing my belly. FINE!

and she somemore, better not say it here.

and they took picture of she ''harrasing'' me. T_T

then mamak and headed home.

btw, dwayne got my HP beforehand i carried out, i think. Thanks!

but my wallet, no sound, hilang liao.

once reach home, i babi til 3pm. then 8pm only able to do police report.

DAMN lazy to type out and explain!!!

then once after done doing police report, then......


What is round two? i tell you guys in the next post.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Just As I Predicted

Today I went to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negeri to do for my lost IC.

It costed me RM110! this is first time lost IC. if second time, it will be RM210.

Haiz...Rm10 for permohonan and Rm100 for penalty.

Remember to report to your university/college and get a form that stating you are the student of XX university or college and said you had lost your Student ID along with your IC.
Then you only have to pay Rm60.


Why/How i lost my wallet with my IC. I will post it next time.
It will be pictureless but long post i guess.

Btw, while i at Jabatan Pendaftaran Negeri (JPN), i was so boring so i decided to search for any wifi connection. Well, since i at JPN, i sure to get JPN's wifi.

and what i found is........

Well, the wifi name said it all. Making me waited for an hour plus from 6027 to 6046. LOL

But it only took me less than 7 minutes to settle everything ranging from thumb scans, paying penalties, and taking picture of me made me looks even fatter

As i said earlier, i will tell how and why i lost my wallet along with my IC later the week. :D

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Best Way To Lose Some Weights.

Do you want to know how to lose weight fast?

Watch this video!


The video was made for entertainment.
If you think you can get thin by drinking beers,
then you are an IDIOT!

Dont say I didnt warn ya!

Monday, December 15, 2008

떳다 그녀!! There She Is!!

I dont know whether this is old junk or not.
But it kinda entertaining.
Respect on the creators.

(Just click the picture for it to pop out a window and then you can view it.)

There She Is!!

There She Is!! step2 - Cake Dance

There She Is!! step3 - Doki&Nabi

There She Is!! step4 - Paradise

There She Is!! final step - Imagine

Watch all these episodes. Damn nice and romantic.
(Just click on the pictures.)

PS : Ohya. I will be having my CID paper later at 2pm. Now the time is around 130am. Wish me condolescenes good luck.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Happy One Year Anniversary!

It's been 365 days that I ...

Owned a N82, which was a Xmas gift from my dad.

I love my N82 so much that i fully utilized its functions whenever I at.
I wont want another phone....other than Iphone 3G.

It's been 365 days that I ...

Switched to Maxis Postpaid Value Plan 50.

It been great since i can use postpaid plan.
However, I still stick to SMS-ing. Gotta learn to call more.

It's been 365 days that I ...

Cherish my friendships.
It would be troublesome for me to find all your pictures. :)
Just look at my Facebook's friends. That's all my friends.

And, it's been a year that I ...

Stays single.