Monday, April 09, 2007


I been suffering quite sometimes..suffering as in mentally suffering, NOT physical suffering. im physically fine and healthy. But as for my feeling, mind, and emotions kinda hurt.This is because that a lot of things happened/happening under my nose. just 2 months, so many things happened. It's way beyond my expectation. When i knew about those things, i received a big shock to my heart. Felt like being poisoned and suffering slowly.. To ease the pain, a normal would cry to ' drain out the poison from the heart'. But for me, i just cant do it in front of ppl. i more like made out of stone or wood. im heartless! i unable to shed some tears. if i knew i shed some tears, my body automatically denies it to flow out from my eyes. in short, im acting cool or tough. i dun want to do that...i aint cool or tough. im just a normal person. i wanna cry like everybody else do.

too many things happened. im thinking im became the BAD person. most of my fren think im innocent as in i wont hurt of mentally and always be the nice person(though i think im NOT). i felt bad. really bad! i hate to be like this but she's important to me. i couldnt lose her again!! it;s just to hard for me. i duno what to do.. T_T

Sunday, April 08, 2007


havent been blogging since last year. lol. apparently i was busyin working my ass off for the last 2 months. Missed my CNY house visits. and my ANG PAO!!!!! sad! but i gained lot of experiences and got to know more ppl when i was working. i was working in emoH-Meotin for the past 2 months. brand new shop in autoworld. hell it's a nice place to hang out with friends. my friends loves its food. delicious! yummy~! emoH-Meotin oso got its very own Ladies Night on Tuesdat where ladies can drink FREE juice or cocktails, STORM.

eh, eh! i been promoting my workplace pulak.. haha! wanto know more go there by urself and hav a look with your own eyes. go there at night b4 10pm, before the kitchen closed. haha!

Night view of emoH-Meotin, the shop with the blue light