Sunday, April 08, 2007


havent been blogging since last year. lol. apparently i was busyin working my ass off for the last 2 months. Missed my CNY house visits. and my ANG PAO!!!!! sad! but i gained lot of experiences and got to know more ppl when i was working. i was working in emoH-Meotin for the past 2 months. brand new shop in autoworld. hell it's a nice place to hang out with friends. my friends loves its food. delicious! yummy~! emoH-Meotin oso got its very own Ladies Night on Tuesdat where ladies can drink FREE juice or cocktails, STORM.

eh, eh! i been promoting my workplace pulak.. haha! wanto know more go there by urself and hav a look with your own eyes. go there at night b4 10pm, before the kitchen closed. haha!

Night view of emoH-Meotin, the shop with the blue light


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