Monday, June 18, 2007

My result for IPTA

im so dead when i check my qualification to IPTA. i got disqualified! WEeee!!! but what the heck, i studying my favorite course, ADVERTISING in Universitu Tunku Abdul Rahman that IPTA cant offer me! wakaka!

4 choices in east malaysia
4 choices in peninsular malaysia
0 chance to enter either one

so guys and girls, dont be sad over this. eventhough unable to enter IPTA, please go appeal for second chance. fight til the end. never give up. even if the ending is rough, at least u did it for yourself for your future. Go appeal !!

yawnsss...tml got class at 8am. Sigh!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

About me in PJ

Short info about myself
  • living in Petaling Jaya. Primary home still in Penang! Love Penang!
  • studying in UTAR.
  • taking ADVERTISING, Y1S1
  • undergoing strict budget, limiting myself from overspend.
  • got a daily weekend plan with Roy, Sooheng, Foo, Ken, Jonathan, Amanda and Rad. Staying over at their house for 3D2N. :) Reunion!
  • met many friends within UTAR from all the states in Malaysia.
  • having a freaking slow connection.
  • im 20years old d. T_T
  • quite happy with my temporary house. but still wanted to move to other house closer to my campus.
  • food here expensive and suck big time! my most expensive ever food i consumed is Nasi Goreng Napolean, rm15.50!!!
  • my favourite drink, Teh Ais pun mahal! some places rm1.40 and another rm1.00
  • i need a printer soon! many questions, notes and assignment need to be printed!
  • And i need more shirts, T shirts!!!! and a pair of shoes!
signing off~