Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chinese Language Horror!

This semester is the best! Know why? because i took INTRO TO CHINESE LANGUAGE 1. The most basic in learning chinese. haha! learning the strokes, hanyun pinyi, abit of chinese characters' history and etc etc. End of this semester, i sure pass this subject compare to others who took Japanese Language or Chinese Language 2 or Chinese Language for Mass Communication. Haha!

Previous week kinda ok during the tutor class, but this week, the tutor sped up gila gila! Teaching us the basic chinese greeting and write our chinese name and its hanyu pinyin too. OMG! Luckily i aint a complate 'banana'. I knew how to write my chinese name but my writing is UGLY! Below are my homework and assignments. Haha! See how easy it is!!!

Horror!!! ARGH!!!
I havent show all the actual homework-cum-assignment from this 'da fang ke' book. Actually there are more than what shown at above. And dont comment about the how i wrote it, i meant the ugliness of the Chinese characters. :P

Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Although it's a day late to post this entry but i did manage to wish my dad a
Happy Birthday
in the early morning on 27th January 2008.

My dad!

Too bad i cant celebrate with him in BM because im at PJ. Sad case. NVM, when im back, i gonna treat my dad to a dinner, belated birthday dinner. Asal ada hati, no matter how long it passed, still can celebrate 的!Hehe!

Later on that same day, i went to Sungai Wang to celebrate my hometown friend's birthday. We had lot of fun and met several old friends and some new friends. I will update it in another entry.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happening Weekend

18 Jan 2008 is the best weekend of my life! Right after my last class on Friday, Intro to Chinese Language I, Calvin and the half of the gang picked me up from my house to begin the greatest journey ever.

First night was normal, whereby all of us (Roy, Calvin, me, Sooheng, Tim, Sheaspeare, Ken, Chandra, Shigan, Kok) 'tani-ed' at Roy's apartment without Jonathan, MuiWan and Amanda. Calvin bought a vodka and a carton of Tiger beers. This time we played a game and the one who got 1st K will mix the drink to whateva type he wanted to it be. And the second one who get the K will bottom up the mixture. haha! believe me, it's hard to drink! BURNING! Coz i gulped one shot and Calvin got two shots. Later all got high high and straight we go to Asia Cafe to have some pools and foos. After couple of games, we left the place and head for dreamland.

The following day, we had a paintball game at Extreme Park or mosquitoes park. Hell, that place packed with mosquitoes everywhere! But we dont even bother the mosquito's bites. Hehe! We played 3 tactical games, whereby we required to capture two flags from a destinate place. I in the Inhalers team and our opponent is The Smokers. Proudly to say, we lost 1-2 to The Smokers. Haiz. Too tired, vapors in our face protections, thighs got stressed due to squatting for cover, lack of water or drinks. But it was a nice experience to play such tiring and mosquitoes infested area. Haha! Kinda sad that i never got shot, though i wanna feel the pain of the bullet land on my flesh and leaving a bruise on it.

We headed home and clean ourselves up and ready for a dinner cum supper at William Corner/Cafe. At first, i duno the place, but thanks to my lil N82's GPS guided us to the area. Hehe! Anyway, this place is expensive but worth it. The portion served in big quantity. Almost can fight with Murni but Murni much cheaper and heck lot of food varieties. *my point of view la*
Calvin @ Williams

Nasi Goreng Ketam

Spaghetti Something

Platter Something
Later we go to barCELONA, a club located at Sunway Piramid new wing. Unique club, unique unisex toilet. And the place is huge, much bigger than Glo, Penang. Haha!

Barcelona Club

Tim, me, Kok

Me, Chandra

Cute Waitress
L-R: Tim, Chandra, Shigan, Calvin, Roy, SooHeng, me
We partied up to closing and i ended drunk. That's normal la..before i drunk, Calvin drunk 1st and then hours later he sober up. and that was the time i started to felt tipsy. Anyway, i was drunk and high all the way to Roy's apartment.

The next day, we all went to Sunway Piramid to shop for CNY clothes. Sheaspeare brought a girl along to be his fashion advisor. Hehe! She is Sheaspeare's hometown friend. We shopped there quite for a long time. I bought a pair of baggy jean from Tropicana Life for Rm89. Well, abit worth it lo. Haha! Still lack of shirts and more jeans. As night comes, Sheaspeare dropped his friend back to her house and we proceeded to go eat bak kut teh as our dinner. And then later we went to FTZ cafe to play CS, well half of the group la. The other half went to Sunway to have 'shisha'. When we had enough with each plans, we gathered together and head for another round of pool.

The next day, we headed to Midvalley as our last shopping place and that will be the last for them whom came from Penang coz they leaving KL after that. Haiz. So so gonna miss them! Guys wait for me k!? Im coming home this 5th Feb!! Gong xi Gong xi ....!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Year Eve

I knew this is a very late late post. It supposed to be published back last 23days, but im kinda busy since i moved back to Petaling Jaya for my Advertising course in UTAR. However, i need to update this poor blog and motivate more people to continue blog. Let gets started! Let roll back to New Year Eve.

Beforehand, i gotta say that, i cant upload that much pictures due to my current house connection is freaking slow. All suspected BT ports are blocked, yet it's penetrable. haiz. But i will try my best to upload as much as possible.

Back in 31 Dec 2007, I decided to go to Glo to celebrate New Year Eve with my friends. Half of them are first timers to this clubbing scenes and im proud to bring them over. Hehe! We ordered 3 bottles of liquors, which one bottle is sponsored by Calvin Yeo, my pal whom came back from Australia for summer break.


We all did enjoy the clubbing. Half the group went to dance floor and some at the table and some at outside. Quite scattered around.

Group Photo

As times goes on, Lau, Dwayne and Soo Heng dropped dead quickly, probably from the drinks from tables beside us. As far as i know, we ordered 3 bottles but somehow, there are 4 bottles of liquors. LOL!

3 ma, why got 4 bottles?

The most funny thing that happened, well i said wan la... is Dwayne being drunk and wore inside out shirt. Ohya! He danced top naked for a period of time until we forced him to wear back his shirt. And that time la, he wore it inside out. haha! Dumb! Luckily got people looking after u.


In a blink of eyes, the club going to close and we decided to take off from the club and head to Subaidah Nasi Kandar. That time my 'kick' just started and my head so heavy. However, the rest was so sober up ad. And can say that it's their turn to take care of me. Haha! All of them crashed over my house for the morning because my family were staying in Penang for the New Year Eve celebration in Gurney Drive.

I had the greatest time during that moment because i have my friends around me and doing the same things during that time. Plus im single, yea! Telah berpisah dengan my ex. That's all i can say about her. She no longer in my life. Friends Forever!

Booze Booze and Merry Christmas! - Part 2

I promised to update back in Dec 24th 2007. And im back after a month later! Haha! Sorry ah! But now im fulfilling my promise. Hehe! Though it maybe late but it's better than didnt fulfilled my promise at all.

Anyway, back on the topic, we had 2 bottles of Black Label which sponsored by me! We started to drink after everyone arrived. Everyone is Lau, Hari, Gooi and Debbie and later at night, Franz came over and frenzied the party even more. Haha! Basically we were drinking, chit chatting and mixing some songs and musics. But later when things got hot, stupid things such as broken glass and bleeding wrist happened! All was an accident. No one is dead. Meow~!

As the time showed 1am, it's time to end the party. On the downside, we happened to finish 8/10 of a bottle. Kinda disappointing. Ohya! If u all wondering or lost, that time my family was in Genting Highland. Hehe! So home alone lo and made a party for us.

Lau and I had not enough and decided to tag along with ShianRu to go to VIVO, Auto City. We had couple jugs of beer. And danced the songs played by DJs in VIVO. Personally I like VIVO for its people who at there and the surrounding. I wish to go there in future!

Ps: Sorry for the pictureless post because we were so happy and enjoying the moments til forgot to snap some pictures.

Thursday, January 10, 2008



Did my first ever 'job' in KL. As a respondent to a survey. Hehe!
That can be considered as a job, k!

It took me around 15min to completed the survey. Hehe!
And it earned me RM30. Well, not much but just enough to go watch movie in KLCC which located opposite the company. :)

The envelope that contained my paid.

Rm30 to be spend.

This thing happened because i have free time. This whole week got no tutorials, and Wednesday got only tutorials which mean free time. Haha! In additional, tomorrow is a public holiday.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Got Korean-nized!

On behalf of previous post, i was brainwashed to love Korean culture and lifestyle. Thank to JPA Scholarship, Kok Khek Hun and his youtube account. He showed me and Roy all the Korean bands, singers, game shows, girls and 'modified' girls. Roy and I was drooling over korean girls.

He introduced me one wonderful group of young singers, Wonder Girls. This group really made me drools over them, especially Ahn SoHee, the youngest singer in the group. Man, she so cute and mature! Got what i meant? CUTE N MATURE. KAWAII! 486 SoHee!!! Now im so gonna look for her wallpapers/pics/videos/songs!! No offense! i gonna idolize Ahn SoHee!!!

Beside that, Kok even said that the song they sang became 'drug' in Korea. Basically everyone is dancing the same moves as the Wonder Girls danced. there's even a tutorial on how to dance the moves of their single song, Tell Me. dun expect me to dance la. i suck in dancing. tried it liao. my body just toooooo stiff to move around. haiz.

Anyway, anyone of u remember the old movie from Korea, Sex is Zero? anyone knew it? hehe! Do u know its sequel coming out soon? Sex is Zero 2!! same main actor. Just watch the trailer. it explains everything i wanted to say.

Ps: KOK!! screw u man! u korean-nized me liao! OMG OMG!! i want to be japan-nized!! but u korean-nized me!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Wonder Girls - Tell ME

Wonder Girls - Tell Me


너도 날 좋아할 줄은 몰랐어~
noe-do nal jo-ah-hal jul-eun mol-lat-suh~

어쩌면 좋아~
Uh-jjuh-myun jo-ah ~

너무나 좋아 ~
Noe-mu-na jo-ah ~

꿈만 같아서 나 내 자신을 자꾸 꼬집어 봐
Ggum-man gat-ta-suh na neh ja-shin-eul ja-ggu ggo-ji-bo bwa

너무나 좋아~
noe-mu-na jo-ah~

니가 날 혹시 안 좋아할까봐~
ni-ga nal hok-si ahn jo-ah-hal-kka-bwa~

혼자 얼마나 애 태운지 몰라~
hon-ja eoul-ma-na ae tae-un-ji mol-la~

그런데 니가 날 사랑한다니~
gue-run-dae ni-ga nal sa-rang-han-da-ni

어머~! 다시 한 번 말해봐~
uh-muh~! da-shi han bon mal-hae-bwa~

Tell me tell me tell tell tell tell tell tell me

나를 사랑한다고
Na-rul sa-rang-han-da-go

날 기다려 왔다고
Nal gi-da-ryo wat-da-go

Tell me tell me tell tell tell tell tell tell me

내가 필요하다 말해~ 말해줘요
neh-ga pil-yo-ha-da mal-heh~ mal-heh-jo-yo

Tell me tell me tell tell tell tell tell tell me

자꾸만 듣고 싶어
ja-ggu-man dut-go Sipoh

계속 내게 말해줘
gae-sok nae-gae mal-hae-jo

Tell me tell me tell tell tell tell tell tell me

꿈이 아니라고 말해~ 말해줘요~
ggun-i ah-ni-rah-go mal-heh~ mal-heh-jo-yo~

어쩜 내 가슴이 이렇게 뛰니~
uh-jjum nae ga-su-mi i-ruet-gae ddwe-ni

가슴이 정말 터질 것 같아
ga-su-mi jong-mal to-jil geot ga-ta

니가 날 볼 때면 전기에 감전된
ni-ga nal ball dde-myon jon-ki-ae kam-john-dwen

사람처럼 전기가 올라~
sa-rahm-cho-rom joen-ki-ka ol-la~

얼마나 오래 기다린지 몰라~
ol-ma-na oh-reh ki-da-rin-ge mol-la~

얼마나 오래 꿈 꿨는지 몰라~
ol-ma-na oh-reh ggun ggwot-nun-ji mol-la~

그런데 니가 날 사랑한다니~
gu-rohn-dae ni-ga nal sah-rang-han-da-ni~

어머~! 다시 한 번 말해봐~
uh-moh~! da-shi han bon mal-hae-bwa~

Tell me tell me tell tell tell tell tell tell me

나를 사랑한다고
na-rul sa-rang-han-da-go

날 기다려 왔다고
nal ki-da-ryo wat-da-go

Tell me tell me tell tell tell tell tell tell me

내가 필요하다 말해~
neh-ga pi-ryo-ha-da mal-heh


Tell me tell me tell tell tell tell tell tell me

자꾸만 듣고 싶어
ja-ggu-man dut-go shi-poeh

계속 내게 말해줘
kae-sok neh-keh mal-heh-jo

Tell me tell me tell tell tell tell tell tell me

꿈이 아니라고 말해~
ggum-i ah-ni-rah-go mal-hae~



Tell me tell me tell me you
want me want me want me too
Tell me tell me tell me you
love me too love me too

Give me one time baby 다시 한번

tell me tell me ~

Okay! 방금한거 하지말고 또 한번~

tell me te tell me ~

예~ 계속 말해줘 들어도 들어도 듣고 싶어
어쩜 이런 일이 꿈인가 싶어


어머나~ 좋아서 어쩌나?

다시 한번 말해봐~~

Tell me tell me tell tell tell tell tell tell me

나를 사랑한다고
na-rul sa-rang-han-da-go

날 기다려 왔다고
nal ki-da-ryo wat-da-go

Tell me tell me tell tell tell tell tell tell me

내가 필요하다 말해~
neh-gah pi-ryo-ha-da mal-heh~


Tell me tell me tell tell tell tell tell tell me

자꾸만 듣고 싶어
ja-ggu-man dut-go shi-po

계속 내게 말해줘
keh-sok neh-keh mal-heh-jo

Tell me tell me tell tell tell tell tell tell me

꿈이 아니라고 말해~
ggu-mi ah-ni-rah-go mal-heh~


PS: its dance moves pretty addicted and so does the song. I LOVE SOHEE, AHN!!