Friday, November 28, 2008

Independent At Last

Finally, my studying semester just over with a presentation on one of my subjects for the semester.

No more talks on studies for a week.

gotta study the books and notes instead.

In another week, i will be sitting for finals. DIE!

I think i did horribly on all my projects.

Dont care la. Tomorrow face the 360km++ highway and reach home and hit the clubs.

Who else is back in Penang?
Tell me!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Somehow, i felt i wanted to scream out loud so badly.

I think that is the best way of releasing everything hidden, surpressed, toxic and harmful to my own body.

So, i going to scream!

Well, literately screaming.

Living in urban city. surrounded by high-risk neighbours that might sue me for disturbing them.

Haiz.... so wanted go to go scream out loud.

Hmm...Karaoke anyone?

Thursday, November 06, 2008

My Halloween

How i celebrate Halloween?

It just beautiful.

I went to movie to watch "Tropic Thunder" with my friends. But turned up that there was no more tickets and we went to watch "Burn" and it was and still sucks. I wont talk about that movie.

So after movie, we headed for Murni for supper.

So far so good.

After supper, we went home and of course my friends dropped me back at my house.

And that was my Halloween.

WAIT! Still got.

After that, i got into my house and headed to sleep.

And that how i celebrated my Halloween.

My friends curi curi patah balik and 'decorated' my car with newspapers.

I didnt know it until the next day afternoon! Damn pissed off!

Btw, here the pictures they took during the "decoration".

And fXXk thanks you, Wen Han and Mook Hen!