Thursday, November 06, 2008

My Halloween

How i celebrate Halloween?

It just beautiful.

I went to movie to watch "Tropic Thunder" with my friends. But turned up that there was no more tickets and we went to watch "Burn" and it was and still sucks. I wont talk about that movie.

So after movie, we headed for Murni for supper.

So far so good.

After supper, we went home and of course my friends dropped me back at my house.

And that was my Halloween.

WAIT! Still got.

After that, i got into my house and headed to sleep.

And that how i celebrated my Halloween.

My friends curi curi patah balik and 'decorated' my car with newspapers.

I didnt know it until the next day afternoon! Damn pissed off!

Btw, here the pictures they took during the "decoration".

And fXXk thanks you, Wen Han and Mook Hen!


  1. nice decoration wutt... hahahahhah XD

  2. i bet to difer lo.
    pranked me after dropped me at my house.
    so evil wan.

  3. Its halloween ma... muahahahaa.. Lucky no police sia.. Heheee

  4. but hor...halloween arent that way la..

    should be in spooky costumes/makeups on human. not my car ma.

    lucky you guys didnt meet with police.

  5. woott!!!they are so creative =P

  6. to them, yea.
    to me, miserable. T_T