Thursday, August 21, 2008

Trusted Media?

As i read this morning newspaper, i felt so disgusted and furious over the news that The Star has reported. It is so bias or one sided and obviously it is siding the government. Where would we get the true news? I guess it will be sometime for me to stick onto Malaysia Today for better and truthful news.

And for the times being, i just skip the Nation news and read only Sports and Entertainment Section.

Hhmm...can i buy The Star separately?
Just the Sports and Entertainment Section.
And for the Nation news, sell it to nasi lemak sellers.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Header

I may not create the best, but i did my best to vectorized myself.


I introduced you all....

~The Devilish Jimmy~

and I got a pet (coming soon).

Frustration At Home

Have you ever faced any water crisis?
Like water cut?

Well, I'm facing it for weeks liao. Told my houseleader jor yet nothing happened.
It's so hard to live without water.

Actually, there got water.
Let me explain...
Our house got two taps for each places; sinks, kitchen sinks, bathtubs, etc. One of the taps provides hot/warm water, while the other provides cold water.
So, the problem is the cold water tap aint 'squirting' its water when we turn on the tap. ARGH! This tap is so important especially in the toilet (noted: not bathroom!). Because toilet got only one tap and it is the cold water tap. DIU!

Gotta manually carry a pail of water to toilet when need to do 'business'. flush la.

Well, hope this problem will be gone SOON!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

[LIVE] Blogging From McDonald Section 14

I'm super duper NBTD!

5 laptops on a long table.

multisocket for 5 laptops.

im so nothing to do...

oh wait...

i gotta do my flash ecard and website!
i gotta ready for my presentation tomorrow.


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Eye Specialist?

Look what have i found out in Batu Ferringhi?

No bullshit? I never heard there's any bulls around Batu Ferringhi. Woots!