Thursday, August 21, 2008

Trusted Media?

As i read this morning newspaper, i felt so disgusted and furious over the news that The Star has reported. It is so bias or one sided and obviously it is siding the government. Where would we get the true news? I guess it will be sometime for me to stick onto Malaysia Today for better and truthful news.

And for the times being, i just skip the Nation news and read only Sports and Entertainment Section.

Hhmm...can i buy The Star separately?
Just the Sports and Entertainment Section.
And for the Nation news, sell it to nasi lemak sellers.



  1. haha, i read the Star paper from the back to the front. i seldom read Nation. just flipping through and looking at pics only.
    sports and entertainment and world news is only what i read daily. XD
    *high 5*

  2. politics is a dirty business la... once you get in, you can't get out..

  3. @new flavour,
    haha! you should read some and compare it to online media. you will see lot of differences in reporting.

    @yuv, we are changing it.