Saturday, August 29, 2009

End of Internship

This blog has been 'virgin' for sometimes already.
Let get it warm by this post.

Obviously, for the past three months I was busy. Going to bed by 12am or 1am, MAX, or not I will late to work.

Work? internship. I wish I had my internship at Nuffnang. :( Well, It's going to end soon. 12 working days to go (FYI, I works from monday to saturday).
Let countdown to that day! I wonder what will happen this end of month.
Looking forward for a lot of plans.

let being the countdown!

4 days

PS: 22Aug>
The most boring day ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where's my alcohol!!!?

PS: 21 Aug>
FUCK! hundred of companies to call. Yala..i know im going off liao.
I just found out my template got exceeded bandwidth. LOL. *off searching better one*

PS: 19 Aug>
Had my 'graduation' in SKB

PS: 18 Aug>
Quite 'bo song' today in the office. Reason? I have no idea. It just happened. And I MISS HOME

Saturday, August 22, 2009