Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happening Weekend

18 Jan 2008 is the best weekend of my life! Right after my last class on Friday, Intro to Chinese Language I, Calvin and the half of the gang picked me up from my house to begin the greatest journey ever.

First night was normal, whereby all of us (Roy, Calvin, me, Sooheng, Tim, Sheaspeare, Ken, Chandra, Shigan, Kok) 'tani-ed' at Roy's apartment without Jonathan, MuiWan and Amanda. Calvin bought a vodka and a carton of Tiger beers. This time we played a game and the one who got 1st K will mix the drink to whateva type he wanted to it be. And the second one who get the K will bottom up the mixture. haha! believe me, it's hard to drink! BURNING! Coz i gulped one shot and Calvin got two shots. Later all got high high and straight we go to Asia Cafe to have some pools and foos. After couple of games, we left the place and head for dreamland.

The following day, we had a paintball game at Extreme Park or mosquitoes park. Hell, that place packed with mosquitoes everywhere! But we dont even bother the mosquito's bites. Hehe! We played 3 tactical games, whereby we required to capture two flags from a destinate place. I in the Inhalers team and our opponent is The Smokers. Proudly to say, we lost 1-2 to The Smokers. Haiz. Too tired, vapors in our face protections, thighs got stressed due to squatting for cover, lack of water or drinks. But it was a nice experience to play such tiring and mosquitoes infested area. Haha! Kinda sad that i never got shot, though i wanna feel the pain of the bullet land on my flesh and leaving a bruise on it.

We headed home and clean ourselves up and ready for a dinner cum supper at William Corner/Cafe. At first, i duno the place, but thanks to my lil N82's GPS guided us to the area. Hehe! Anyway, this place is expensive but worth it. The portion served in big quantity. Almost can fight with Murni but Murni much cheaper and heck lot of food varieties. *my point of view la*
Calvin @ Williams

Nasi Goreng Ketam

Spaghetti Something

Platter Something
Later we go to barCELONA, a club located at Sunway Piramid new wing. Unique club, unique unisex toilet. And the place is huge, much bigger than Glo, Penang. Haha!

Barcelona Club

Tim, me, Kok

Me, Chandra

Cute Waitress
L-R: Tim, Chandra, Shigan, Calvin, Roy, SooHeng, me
We partied up to closing and i ended drunk. That's normal la..before i drunk, Calvin drunk 1st and then hours later he sober up. and that was the time i started to felt tipsy. Anyway, i was drunk and high all the way to Roy's apartment.

The next day, we all went to Sunway Piramid to shop for CNY clothes. Sheaspeare brought a girl along to be his fashion advisor. Hehe! She is Sheaspeare's hometown friend. We shopped there quite for a long time. I bought a pair of baggy jean from Tropicana Life for Rm89. Well, abit worth it lo. Haha! Still lack of shirts and more jeans. As night comes, Sheaspeare dropped his friend back to her house and we proceeded to go eat bak kut teh as our dinner. And then later we went to FTZ cafe to play CS, well half of the group la. The other half went to Sunway to have 'shisha'. When we had enough with each plans, we gathered together and head for another round of pool.

The next day, we headed to Midvalley as our last shopping place and that will be the last for them whom came from Penang coz they leaving KL after that. Haiz. So so gonna miss them! Guys wait for me k!? Im coming home this 5th Feb!! Gong xi Gong xi ....!!!

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