Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chinese Language Horror!

This semester is the best! Know why? because i took INTRO TO CHINESE LANGUAGE 1. The most basic in learning chinese. haha! learning the strokes, hanyun pinyi, abit of chinese characters' history and etc etc. End of this semester, i sure pass this subject compare to others who took Japanese Language or Chinese Language 2 or Chinese Language for Mass Communication. Haha!

Previous week kinda ok during the tutor class, but this week, the tutor sped up gila gila! Teaching us the basic chinese greeting and write our chinese name and its hanyu pinyin too. OMG! Luckily i aint a complate 'banana'. I knew how to write my chinese name but my writing is UGLY! Below are my homework and assignments. Haha! See how easy it is!!!

Horror!!! ARGH!!!
I havent show all the actual homework-cum-assignment from this 'da fang ke' book. Actually there are more than what shown at above. And dont comment about the how i wrote it, i meant the ugliness of the Chinese characters. :P