Monday, February 04, 2008

Im Coming Home

I'm coming home~~~~!!!
In less than 48hours to go...i will be heading to Pudu Bus Station to depart from KL to Penang! YEA! I miss Bukit Mertajam, my family, my friends, AutoCity and cheap foods! haha!

I bought 2 jeans and 7 shirts from various shopping complex. haha! i spent around rm300+ for my CNY clothes. N i hvnt buy a new pair of shoes yet. and still hvnt include my running shoe. so i will b buying 2 pair of shoes. hehe!

I cant wait til Tuesday! hehe! and, tmr will be suckiest day. I will be attending some1 class. Not a good person to meet. Very 'hot blooded' fella. Haiz. Forget this fella!

I'm coming home, Mom and Dad!!!

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