Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chinese New Year ART

YEA! IM BACK IN PETALING JAYA! *sob* Miss my family and friends. What the heck! BACK to PJ! Im so busy and yet im still busy over my assignments and exercises that piled up since the break of CNY. Why UTAR so cruel? Sama bangsa tapi masa tak sama. Actually i still in CNY mood. So reckless and lazy to do my assignments and exercises.

Recently assignment really kickass le! i gotta do something out from gazillion million of dots to form a picture. At first, i did my picture of 2 wine glasses and a dropped wine bottle. Took me 2-3hours to completed it. and several days later, i heard my picture canot accept because i drew it out from my brain and lecturer need to see the original picture to compare with my work. Tiu hai lo!

1st art work..REJECTED!

Wasted but nvm lo. Since it got delayed additional one week, i redo. and i did DOT DOT out a girl, from a magazine ads. The best art work i ever did, is this assignment liao.


90% completed

But it still need some retouches on it. still got places need to DOT DOT more. So happy with my own hard work. Haha!

PS: no more next assignment on this please. if not, i sub-out my assignment. haha!

Move on to next assignment!

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