Monday, February 25, 2008

Feb 9, 2008 : A day lesser than the past

Chinese New Year on year 2008 never the same as previous years' celebration. Ever since I in 6 PAF (2006), i had one wonderful CNY in my sir house, Mr Chan Boon Lai, my MUET teacher. He is the best among all the teachers who taught me when im in high school. I remembered last time got more than 8 people went to Mr Chan's house to 'pai nian'. Those time were the best i have, because i rarely go to 'pai nian' and that day was the very first time for me to go 'pai nian'. As for as i knew, those who went to Mr Chan's house on 2006 is me, HanLiang, Grace, Xiyan, Xinyi, YannChing, XinHui, ShuihFenq, ChiaWen, ChiaOon, Yuvin, I guess this is all. LOL!

But in this year 2008, many people has set foot on their own paths and found new circle of friends. I still managed to gathered some PAFrians to go 'pai nian' at Mr Chan's house. HanLiang, Yuvin, ShuihFenq, Xinyi, ChiaWen and me were those who went to 'pai nian'. We had a wonderful time with Mr Chan and chatted about the things happened in the last one year. Many things come and go. Thank Mr Chan for the Chivas and wine cooler. And hope ChiaWen got well from the vomitting.

HanLiang, Mr Chan, I
Yuvin, Xinyi, ShuihFenq
Missing: ChiaWen

PS: Hope others are well and fine. I had the best memories for this year CNY celebration.
PS2: Sir, see u in GARAGE in future. HAHA!

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