Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Upon Arriving To Hometown

Alright, let have a quickie entry today.

Yesterday, upon arriving to BM, i straight unpacked my stuffs and have a rest.

Around 8.30pm, i went to give hamper to my 'kek ma' aka god mom but i caught in JAM all the way from Sri Rambai to Kota Permai. *damn narrow road!*

Later, i joined Kanyin and gangs at Ming Boon for yumcha and chit chatting. Lau and Gooi were there too.

After that, i went to Top Seed and find Sooheng, Tim, Kok and the rest. Cucuk some bola, then headed to NZ for a round of DOTA. *didnt see that coming wan*

Then i joined Lau for supper at Pelita Auto City, and later go to MacD with him and Kanyin. HAha! we sat there til 4.30am.

And that was my 1st night once i reach BM! WooHOO!!

I wonder what's coming out for today.

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