Saturday, January 05, 2008

Got Korean-nized!

On behalf of previous post, i was brainwashed to love Korean culture and lifestyle. Thank to JPA Scholarship, Kok Khek Hun and his youtube account. He showed me and Roy all the Korean bands, singers, game shows, girls and 'modified' girls. Roy and I was drooling over korean girls.

He introduced me one wonderful group of young singers, Wonder Girls. This group really made me drools over them, especially Ahn SoHee, the youngest singer in the group. Man, she so cute and mature! Got what i meant? CUTE N MATURE. KAWAII! 486 SoHee!!! Now im so gonna look for her wallpapers/pics/videos/songs!! No offense! i gonna idolize Ahn SoHee!!!

Beside that, Kok even said that the song they sang became 'drug' in Korea. Basically everyone is dancing the same moves as the Wonder Girls danced. there's even a tutorial on how to dance the moves of their single song, Tell Me. dun expect me to dance la. i suck in dancing. tried it liao. my body just toooooo stiff to move around. haiz.

Anyway, anyone of u remember the old movie from Korea, Sex is Zero? anyone knew it? hehe! Do u know its sequel coming out soon? Sex is Zero 2!! same main actor. Just watch the trailer. it explains everything i wanted to say.

Ps: KOK!! screw u man! u korean-nized me liao! OMG OMG!! i want to be japan-nized!! but u korean-nized me!

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