Thursday, January 24, 2008

Booze Booze and Merry Christmas! - Part 2

I promised to update back in Dec 24th 2007. And im back after a month later! Haha! Sorry ah! But now im fulfilling my promise. Hehe! Though it maybe late but it's better than didnt fulfilled my promise at all.

Anyway, back on the topic, we had 2 bottles of Black Label which sponsored by me! We started to drink after everyone arrived. Everyone is Lau, Hari, Gooi and Debbie and later at night, Franz came over and frenzied the party even more. Haha! Basically we were drinking, chit chatting and mixing some songs and musics. But later when things got hot, stupid things such as broken glass and bleeding wrist happened! All was an accident. No one is dead. Meow~!

As the time showed 1am, it's time to end the party. On the downside, we happened to finish 8/10 of a bottle. Kinda disappointing. Ohya! If u all wondering or lost, that time my family was in Genting Highland. Hehe! So home alone lo and made a party for us.

Lau and I had not enough and decided to tag along with ShianRu to go to VIVO, Auto City. We had couple jugs of beer. And danced the songs played by DJs in VIVO. Personally I like VIVO for its people who at there and the surrounding. I wish to go there in future!

Ps: Sorry for the pictureless post because we were so happy and enjoying the moments til forgot to snap some pictures.

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