Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Year Eve

I knew this is a very late late post. It supposed to be published back last 23days, but im kinda busy since i moved back to Petaling Jaya for my Advertising course in UTAR. However, i need to update this poor blog and motivate more people to continue blog. Let gets started! Let roll back to New Year Eve.

Beforehand, i gotta say that, i cant upload that much pictures due to my current house connection is freaking slow. All suspected BT ports are blocked, yet it's penetrable. haiz. But i will try my best to upload as much as possible.

Back in 31 Dec 2007, I decided to go to Glo to celebrate New Year Eve with my friends. Half of them are first timers to this clubbing scenes and im proud to bring them over. Hehe! We ordered 3 bottles of liquors, which one bottle is sponsored by Calvin Yeo, my pal whom came back from Australia for summer break.


We all did enjoy the clubbing. Half the group went to dance floor and some at the table and some at outside. Quite scattered around.

Group Photo

As times goes on, Lau, Dwayne and Soo Heng dropped dead quickly, probably from the drinks from tables beside us. As far as i know, we ordered 3 bottles but somehow, there are 4 bottles of liquors. LOL!

3 ma, why got 4 bottles?

The most funny thing that happened, well i said wan la... is Dwayne being drunk and wore inside out shirt. Ohya! He danced top naked for a period of time until we forced him to wear back his shirt. And that time la, he wore it inside out. haha! Dumb! Luckily got people looking after u.


In a blink of eyes, the club going to close and we decided to take off from the club and head to Subaidah Nasi Kandar. That time my 'kick' just started and my head so heavy. However, the rest was so sober up ad. And can say that it's their turn to take care of me. Haha! All of them crashed over my house for the morning because my family were staying in Penang for the New Year Eve celebration in Gurney Drive.

I had the greatest time during that moment because i have my friends around me and doing the same things during that time. Plus im single, yea! Telah berpisah dengan my ex. That's all i can say about her. She no longer in my life. Friends Forever!

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