Tuesday, June 12, 2007

About me in PJ

Short info about myself
  • living in Petaling Jaya. Primary home still in Penang! Love Penang!
  • studying in UTAR.
  • taking ADVERTISING, Y1S1
  • undergoing strict budget, limiting myself from overspend.
  • got a daily weekend plan with Roy, Sooheng, Foo, Ken, Jonathan, Amanda and Rad. Staying over at their house for 3D2N. :) Reunion!
  • met many friends within UTAR from all the states in Malaysia.
  • having a freaking slow connection.
  • im 20years old d. T_T
  • quite happy with my temporary house. but still wanted to move to other house closer to my campus.
  • food here expensive and suck big time! my most expensive ever food i consumed is Nasi Goreng Napolean, rm15.50!!!
  • my favourite drink, Teh Ais pun mahal! some places rm1.40 and another rm1.00
  • i need a printer soon! many questions, notes and assignment need to be printed!
  • And i need more shirts, T shirts!!!! and a pair of shoes!
signing off~

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