Monday, April 09, 2007


I been suffering quite sometimes..suffering as in mentally suffering, NOT physical suffering. im physically fine and healthy. But as for my feeling, mind, and emotions kinda hurt.This is because that a lot of things happened/happening under my nose. just 2 months, so many things happened. It's way beyond my expectation. When i knew about those things, i received a big shock to my heart. Felt like being poisoned and suffering slowly.. To ease the pain, a normal would cry to ' drain out the poison from the heart'. But for me, i just cant do it in front of ppl. i more like made out of stone or wood. im heartless! i unable to shed some tears. if i knew i shed some tears, my body automatically denies it to flow out from my eyes. in short, im acting cool or tough. i dun want to do that...i aint cool or tough. im just a normal person. i wanna cry like everybody else do.

too many things happened. im thinking im became the BAD person. most of my fren think im innocent as in i wont hurt of mentally and always be the nice person(though i think im NOT). i felt bad. really bad! i hate to be like this but she's important to me. i couldnt lose her again!! it;s just to hard for me. i duno what to do.. T_T

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  1. Dun feel over stressed with what other people judge you! You are who you are. Just be yourself. No matter what they judge you, good or bad..that's what they think..not you that makes them think that way ain't it.. the one that know the real you is the one who knows you better.

    umph..frankly,cucu here also tak berapa faham apa yang cucu cakap after comment.LoL..enjoy!