Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Happy One Year Anniversary!

It's been 365 days that I ...

Owned a N82, which was a Xmas gift from my dad.

I love my N82 so much that i fully utilized its functions whenever I at.
I wont want another phone....other than Iphone 3G.

It's been 365 days that I ...

Switched to Maxis Postpaid Value Plan 50.

It been great since i can use postpaid plan.
However, I still stick to SMS-ing. Gotta learn to call more.

It's been 365 days that I ...

Cherish my friendships.
It would be troublesome for me to find all your pictures. :)
Just look at my Facebook's friends. That's all my friends.

And, it's been a year that I ...

Stays single.

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