Saturday, November 03, 2007

Wish List

It's almost end of 2007 (still got 2 mont. My mind been thinking things. However, it's not about what had happened in this year but it is about the things i wanted to have or own, more like a wish list. Year 2007 is a year where new gadgets keep popping out to the market. Geez! i think i could make a long list of it.

#1 - Nokia N81
Look at this gorgeous invention. This is my most wanted gadget in this year. And i made up my mind to get it by end of this year. I will explain in short why i like it so much. It's a master of communication, dont count n95 la, ok? This N81 got wifi and 3G, which mean users could online from anywhere that in coverage of Wifi and 3G. Plus it got capability to play Ngage games because it has dedicated buttons for it. Isnt it awesome? Plus it comes in two packages; one in 2GB and another in whopping 8GB of memory!!! How many pictures and songs u could store in it. That's why it is my number 1 wishlist!

PS: my current handphone also sot sot jor. so wanna get new handphone. hehe!

#2 - Additional RAMsSecond on the list would be RAM!!!! I need it so much so that i could do my Photoshopping!! ARGH! i would need to close everything that runs under the taskbar (including Antivirus). Basically im running Vista. Yea, Vista sux but it's improving from time to time. I love Vista! Nice interface and FAST transfer rate! Haha! i would need at least 2GB of RAM for my laptop!

PS: I just got 2x512MB of RAM. understood la!

#3 - External Hard Disk
Thirdly, i would like to get an external HD! Now im using 120GB HD and i found that i dont have enough of space to install and store. I love to download especially those series like Heroes and House. These two just amazing! i love it! and i would need bigger space to store them. haha! Obsession of downloading. haha! So i really need bigger HD!

PS: Fast, i left 20GB of space nia.

#4 - Ipod Touch

Another follow up by Apple Inc after promoting Iphone is Ipod Touch. It's a Ipod with touchscreen capability from Iphone. I know nothing about this gadget but the look make me wanna OWN it. haha! quoted at RM1500, i think. Too expensive for a student like me. So anyone please please let me have this baby!!! T_T

PS: Need this baby to keep me company during my trip back to Petaling Jaya or Penang.

#5 - Apple Iphone

World most famous, Iphone is an icon for everyone. It simply gorgeous and beautiful. Big screen, multitouch screen, wifi, and run under OSX! Brilliant but not for Malaysia usage yet. Even myself wanna own it, but it could be in my wishlist so that some people might buy it for me or present it to me. Wakaka! One word, it's so brilliant. Hehe! Sigh! Someone please give me an Iphone.

PS: I wont ask much about this. But let me play play with it!

#6 - CASH or MONEY
If i got money, i wouldnt write a wishlist of mine. But sadly i dont have any money liao. Haha! Anyway, to help me earn some $$$, please click on my Advertisements on the right side. Thank alot. (I promoted sial) Haha!

So please please help me to get these all or just fulfill my wish #6. Hehe!

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