Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Arts and Brushes

Today, i went to Deviantart and searched for some brushes n vectors to be used in my future assignments. I found quite many brushes n vectors that look unique in their own ways. So i downloaded them one after one. I saved them into a folder and loaded them into my Photoshop. Though i having some lagness problem whenever i start my Photoshop, this problem will be solved after i fork out couple hundred ringgit for RAMs in future time! Vista sucked all my current RAM. Thought of downgrading to XP but i still wanna stick to this Vista. It's just pretty and 'fast'. T_T

Anyway, i decided to play the brushes and vectors despite the lagness im facing. I used a lot of brushes but not all of them. The result seem nice, although damn damn damn messy. I got no attention of making any wallpaper, random pictures, or art. I just testing the brushed n vectors. It took me several minutes only. And ....

At last, i managed to produce a thing, yet to called a picture.

This picture look attracting FROM FAR, NOT NEAR! Maybe it's too messy to be up close. hehe! Anyway, I have yet many things to learn about the usage of these brushes and vectors. Photoshop is just great program to make a wonder out of nothing or scraps.

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