Monday, October 29, 2007


Ah.... After looking through my memory card in my old antique digital camera, Nikon 3200, i found a picture that so nice and damn 'yeng' to be posted. However, some photoshoping skills are needed to enhanced the picture quality. So I looked through several online tutorials and found some basic tutorials that change a current picture background into colorful, blur or to new background.

So, i loaded my *ahem* Adobe Photoshop CS3 and begun editing one picture of my collection. haha! Took me quite a while to do photoshoping due to lack of RAM in Vista Ultimate! ARGH! Needed more RAMs and HDs!! Putting that aside, i managed to follow through those tutorials, and i improvised it and make a fun of the picture.

1. Color Overlay
Nothing much different. Barely notice any different also. Just blue and yellow added onto the background, that's all.

2. Blur
I kinda like this type. It more focus onto a subject in the picture. Example, we all could see Mr. Lau Wei Liang is posing a pose!

3. FF(For Fun)
This is NBTD (Nothing better to do) work. After completing those two tutorials, i got an idea and started to edit a picture as above. Hehe! All purely basic stuffs. I need to learn more skills.

I wanted to change my template/skin of my blog. Anyone care to teach me? Or pass me a link to the tutorials?