Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jota Joti 2007 Bukit Mertajam

Guess what? Im back from my busiest 5days. I almost died in the progress due to lack of sleep. Barely slept for 20hours in those 5days. Sigh! As u all know, last Friday was the opening of the JotaJoti Camp. So many people attended the camp. Man, i almost lost count (actually i did) of the number of participants. Haha! Everything looked so smooth but in real, everything was messy and unplanned! My god! The 1st day enough to 'KO' everyone in the Headquarter (HQ). Imagine hundred of t-shirts, badges, scarfs being packed into troops who attended the camp. Better skip all the minor reports or details. Back to the things I got from Jota is :

Jota T-shirt, scarf, clothe badge and metal badge

The back design of the Jota T-shirt

Jota 100th magazine

Those are the freebies i got from Jota. hehe! I think i heard a lot of problems in the HQ, ranging from minor to major problems. I dont know whether it's true or not. sigh! I hardly gets any sleep from the starting of the camp. But after a blink of eyes, i made it through it. It's Sunday, last day of the camp. Everyone managed to go home early except the community of this Jota camp. Sigh! Got a last meeting. Usually about money. Well, this is a TOP SECRET. cannot tell anyone. hehe!

As usual, after the boring meeting, i straight went home and ate my dinner with my family with my sleepy mode. Upon arrival at home, i straight went to sleep for couple of hours before i head to Petaling Jaya! Will update it one day. :)

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