Monday, November 05, 2007

JOTA Dinner

Last Friday, there was a dinner at rural place in BM town. The restaurant is called 'Yoong Kee Restaurant'. This is the usual place where we have a dinner after our main camp, JOTA JOTI is over. This dinner only cover JOTA's top communities and its helpers. Million thanks to all helpers for making this happen. Haha! Total of 8 tables being setup for the dinner and each tables being served with 4-5 delicious dishes from Yoong Kee chef. Hehe! everyone has a full stomach when go home. Hehe!

The dinner started at 6pm and ended at 9pm. Lau, Gooi, Hock Thiam and I were the last to had the dinner. The second last table is CBM helpers. They so 'ngai' and insisted us, Lau and I to go to their POM (prom) in G Hotel, Penang in this coming December 2007. Dah la, we already old and not interested to go pun tapi we been asked,begged u name it, just to get both of us go. But i stick to my opinion that i wont go. Sorry girls! Later they wanted to snap some pictures with us while we are eating our free dinner. -_-" Well, after being persuaded, we gave in and took a break from eating just to snap a few pictures with them.

Thank to Mei Lin for the picture. And i need a better resolution of this picture.

After that, we resumed back to eat our dinner. Yum yum yum~ Later after the dinner, 4 of us went to Ming Boon to discusse about those feedbacks from helpers. And thank for those feedbacks because we will improvise it and make next year JOTA more better. Hehe!

PS: I had a worst drinking session yesterday! And...

I got one thing to say, SAY NO TO TIGER BEER!

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