Sunday, November 18, 2007

KL Trip - Day 2 and Day 3

On second day (Saturday), we all woke up around 12pm-1pm. And getting ready for the next plan, which is still the same, helping Gooi to find VB in Sg Wang. Before that, we went back to Wangsu Maju to grab a lunch at a 'kopitiam' Ee Fatt. There got nothing much to snap because we just having simple lunch. Haha! Plain food that u can normally orders in Kopitiam wan. Kan Yin also took the chance to go back to his apartment just located behind the kopitiam to change his outfit. We waited quite a while for him to get changing. Swt! At last Kan Yin done changing and he wore a pink Mickey Mouse shirt. YucK!

On the way to KL (Sg Wang), we passed by a house and look like they are having Vespa Gathering. Saw several Vespas lined up in front the house.

Vespa Vespa Vespa @_@

We called our Tai Kor, Yong to see whether he is free or not and asked him to join us to go Sg Wang to walk walk and window shopping. Hehe! Well, luckily he did join us. Hehe! Now everyone is in the car except Dwayne, he gotta go to class.

Brother Yong

After half an hour, we reached Sg Wang and parked our car at there. As usual, all of them except me will go puff for awhile. Geez, they are addicted. Later we went to eat lunch at the Sg Wang's food court. I never knew there was a place like this. Totally unbelievable! Now i knew where to eat cheaper food. Hehe! However, im too full since i ate at kopitiam Ee Fatt. But Brother Yong wanted to eat because he havent taken his lunch. So nvm la. One funny thing is Gooi ordered 'Lou Shu Fan' and he HATE it!!


Haha! Lan Lan Beh Kam Lan! He just eat it like nobody business. Later, Gooi persuaded his objective to buy VB for himself, well he said it's for his friend and we doubt that. Haha! He found the shop but sadly, VB is unavailable. Haha! Desperado! But others was happy because we 'wash' our eyes til its very clean. Haha! Most of them look underage though. Swt! Better dun play play or not, 3 tahun 6 rotan!

After Sg Wang, we walked to Pavillion!!! We also passed by Louis Vuitton. That area is so high class. Even walking pass that area, i was sweating! Kinda pressured for just walking pass the shop. Louis Vuitton is located just beside Pavillion, a new branded shopping complex.


We entered Pavillion and amazed of it big entrance! Too bad my Nikon 3200 is unable to use wide lens. Haha! So many branded and well-known shops opened instantly after its grand opening. Bravo! Whatever brands also available in it. We went to the top floor 1st to take some pictures and later we slowly walk level after a level to have a look at all the shops.

Huge Entrance

Huge and tall structure

Nice aerial view of Pavillion

However, Lau and I was looking for the infamous J.CO Donuts that imported from Jakarta. Haha! So many reviews about the donuts that been sold from that shop is amazing. All stated that the donuts was delicious and fancy. So both of us tried to search high and low for this shop.

In the end, we found the shop.

Lau and I has to queue due to the long line of other customers.

Finally, we brough a dozen of donuts. Haha! Satisfied!!

After purchased the donuts, we decided to leave KL and head back to Wangsa Maju to have a dinner. At halfway of the dinner, Dwayne called up and said he joining us. WTF! With the half of the dishes left, we picked some food for him and waited for him to arrived. After couple of minutes, he came and ate the dinner up and later he played the fish's head. Haha! After that, we headed back to Dwayne's condo and later we went to 7chai (7-11) to buy some 'midnight milks' again because it could help us to fell asleep more easy.

Our milk!

While drink 'milk', we were eating J.CO donuts. We shared the donuts among 4 of us (Gooi, Lau, Kan Yin and myself). We even cut a donut into 4 slices, just the let all of us have the taste of the donut. It was delicoius and Lau swore to go there and buy 2 donuts for himself. Haha! We have proof that he love J.Co donuts.

There is our proof!!

Due to excessive dose of 'milk', we eventually got high. Haha. Started to crap but not for long. We went to a mamak beside TBUN and BRJ to eat Nasi Lemak Ayam. Delicious man! Sorry there was no photo of it because we were blur and tired. Haha! Later we 'san pheng' and Kan Yin walked back to his house which is just behind this shop. After that, we dropped Brother Yong back at home and headed back to Dwayne's condo. Later one by one of us fell asleep due to fatigue from earlier day, shopping. But before heading to sleep, i found out that there is a Taliban in the house.

Hidden Taliban!


In the next morning, everyone woke up in a mess. For example, myself.


Since it getting late, we quickly went to bath and pack up our things. We grabbed our lunch at Genting Klang and after that, we dropped Dwayne back at his own condo and thanked him for this hospitality. And VRRROOOOMMMM we go back to PJ to grab my PC and headed to Highway.

After several hours of driving, we reach Ipoh and called Yew Kong and meet him up and also grab a dinner at there. We didnt stay there for long due to the night is almost midnight. After grabbing some dinner, we drive back to Penang and i dropped Lau and Gooi at their respective house. And i got home at 12am plus plus. Hehe! Thank to Gooi and Lau to help me in this trip. Thank ya!! MUAKS!

PS: about what Lau's blog said about the minor accident. I will blog it more detail in next blog. Wanna clarified something.


  1. i wan J.CO Donuts!!!!! eh really very nice ar???better than Big Apple?? LOL. Haven't try lea... must try after i get back in PJ...

    update la wei...

  2. jenny, im trying to update but something really made me down. sigh

    btw, JCO donut supremely nice. hehe! let go sunway get JCO. opening another branch in piramid 2. hehe!