Monday, November 12, 2007

KL Trip - Day 1

Last Friday, Lau, Gooi and I went to KL. The purpose of this trip was to help me to move into new house where Henry is living at. Beside that, the secondary purpose was to observe the hotel we booked for this late Nov trip and survey around PJ and KL areas for foods and entertainments. So we headed to KL in early morning around 5.30am. We reach Bukit Merah Stop for a breakfast, a packet of nasi lemak and teh tarik for 15mintues and another 15 minutes for Lau and Gooi to do 'business'. We resumed our journey at 6.30am and decided to stop at Tapah Stop. The traffic is smoother than expected because yesterday (Thursday) was Deepavali celebration and expected many cars will jam the NS highway.

Going down to Jelapang Toll.

Later we drove for hours until we stop at Tapah Stop. As usual, we decided to rest and switch driver to me. Lau was the one started driving since early morning. At there, there was an 'emergency call' for both Lau and Gooi. And they need to go to toilet to 'answer' that call. LOL! After that, Lau went to buy a half dozen of Dunkin' Donuts.

Look delicious.

Lau bought that so he could eat during the half journey to KL via NS highway. So after that we decided to take a picture before start the another-half-journey to KL. *SNAP*

3 Stooges.

And we set off to KL. Another nonstop journey down to KL and yet another boring scenery along the way to KL. I doubt the government could spice up the scenery along the NS highway by putting sexy banners or anything that could make us alert. *sigh* I knew that this things wouldnt happened even after Malaysia's Vision 2020. Around 11am, we reach PJ although i thought we were lost. Haha! Entered Sprint Highway, and cut into Section17 and made my way to Section19, where my house at. Sorry, not much pictures about my 'old' house. That time we were busy packing and moving stuffs into the car. After done stuffing things into the car, well, half the things, we sat and cool down after being tired for moving things around. We headed to SS2 for a lunch whereby i recommended Lau and Gooi to eat the 'prawn mee' aka 'hokkien mee'. I bad in tasting food because they said the 'prawn mee' aint that nice to eat. -_-" My taste buds got problems liao i guess.

After done eating, i called my 'new' house leader to open the door for me to move my things in and we drove back to Section17 to move my things to 'new' house. We gotta make 2 trips due to limited space available in my car. Haha! After done moving all my things into my new room, we had a bath and went out to Taman Bahagia LRT station to wait for Dwayne to arrive because we planned to go to his house to overnight and we need someone to lead us there. In the mean time, we gotta wait for him around 40minutes to arrive because he had to pass at least 19 stations from Taman Melati to Taman Bahagia. So Lau, Gooi and i stop at a field in SS2 and waited for him.

Due to extreme boredom, we started to play play with the camera I brought along. In short, we started to camwhoring. What to do? We have nothing to go and play. *SNAP SNAP SNAP* We paused for a while and Lau called Franz and asked him to whether he is free so that we could meet up somewhere. Luckily he was free but only around 6-7pm because he was in Sunway Piramid. And so, we back to camwhoring until Dwayne reach the LRT station.

Gooi, Lau and I.

Another pose.


Gooi, my pet.

We're not twin!!

And for final showdown of how bored were we!!

*sigh* *speechless*

Later half and hour, we headed to LRT station to pick Dwayne and we headed to ONE UTAMA shopping complex to waste time there and meet Franz there. Less but not least, we find for Burger King to eat our tea time. We were hungry due to excessive camwhoring back at SS2 field.
We searched high and down and finally found one at level 2 or level 1, wasnt sure, but we found it and quickly get into line to order some BURGERS!!

3 large Burger Kings !!

Tiny lucky draw prizes for 3 large burgers.

After done with burgers, Gooi wanted to look for a thing codename, VB in ONE UTAMA. We told him that impossible to find shops selling VB in ONE UTAMA but he insisted that got shops sell it. He even asked his brother who been working in ONE UTAMA for couple of weeks. How desperate of him eagerly to buy VB. And later he knew Sunway Piramid, Midvalley and Sg Wang got such shops and kept asking us to go out of these 3 shopping complexes and we dont care about his H-ness. After walking for hours in ONE UTAMA, we got tired, really tired and wanted to go eat dinner since it's already 6pm and about time to meet Franz.

We left the ONE UTAMA and met Franz at The Curve whereby he guided us to a restaurant in a rural area behind ONE UTAMA for a dinner.

Beware of this car!

Franz was behind the wheels and he was doing all lovely dovey stuffs and we caught him red handed. Too bad my camera unable to snap pictures of those acts. Hehe! He guided us to a restaurant called Restaurant 88. We ordered 6 dishes and 1 bowl of soup and let not forget 2 bottles of Tiger. I had a nightmare with Tiger Beer. So i didnt consume much beer during that time and instead i drank chinese tea. Good for health. Franz even brought his GF along. Too bad my photographer, Lau didnt snap a picture of Franz and his GF. We only have Franz picture nia.

This is master of STOWELL boys!!

Within half an hour, the dinner already finished. So fast that i felt that i didnt eat at all but i felt full. Hehe! When dinner finished, it also meant that we will part with Franz. *sigh* Anyhow, we parted with Franz during the junction where I turned into Section17. We went back to my 'new house' to take our backpacks to Dwayne's condo. And we left Section17 and entered a long stretch of road, MRR2. *sigh* Drove around 10-20 minutes just to get to Melati Utama. It's so far!!! Finally we reached and we entered to Dwayne's room and get a nice rest on his bed. We took turns to bath. We never expected Dwayne's condo got 2 leng lui. We were drooling over them. Haha!

Later at night, we went to BRJ to eat supper and meet up with Kan Yin. We all tried the infamous, Nasi Lemak Ayam and i found it kinda normal (i guess my taste buds got problem) but Lau and Gooi said the ayam goreng was nice. Well, i just know how to eat nia. Hehe! We invited Kan Yin to join us at Dwayne's place. We went to 7chai (7-11) to buy 4 bottles of Carlsberg Special Brew as our milk. Hehe!

Our milk!

Kan Yin, Lau, Gooi and I drank one bottles each. I drank finish first and later followed up by them. They complained about the bitterness from the beers. The beers got bitter as the coldness quickly gone into the thin air. So it was their fault to drink slow. Haha! Later, Lau started to harass Dwayne's doll that he found near the books on the tables.

Dwayne's doll.

Lau named it, 'Boy Boy' because Dwayne's nickname is Ah Boy. That is why Lau call it Boy Boy. Lau was high during that time and so does everyone else. This was the best time to get a sleep. And one by one, everyone fell in sleep.

Fell asleep with Boy Boy

That was all about Day 1 of this trip. I will update the rest one day. Stay tune! :)


  1. Jimmy the rich boy!! Ehh u and ur kawan kawan all really look like brothers sia.... photostate mia. Hahaa... twins!!!!! o.O!!

  2. jenny the porku, we r not twin and im not rich! blek!

    u n wenhan r twin!!

  3. Siao! ade pulak say me and wenhan twins... LMAO!!