Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sunday Frenzy

When a friend in trouble, i will help them. That 's what i did on Sunday night. One of my friend is down based on what he said. And he is Mr. Paul. Together with Mr Lau , Mr Paul and I , we went to a rural pub/cafe called C2K Cafe which located in Permatang Tinggi. We went there for the sake of our friend. Based on first experience from Mr Lau and Mr Gooi, this is their second visit to this pub. And their first visit was extravaganza! They claimed to drink more than 10 buckets (6 bottles) together with Mr Paul's cousin and friends. That night these two fella drunk and KO and somehow they got back home safely.

So this is my first time to C2K Cafe and the area kinda ok la and not bad at all. Hehe! And we three ordered 3 buckets. First bucket finished within an hour, and we still fine but Mr Lau puked a little due to the 'gas'. and i really meant A LITTLE. As we moved to second bucket, we all got bored and played a little game that whoever get number 7, pour the beer into the glass, for number 8, that fella gotta drink half the glass and for number 9, gotta bottom-up and for the rest numbers, safe from drinking. As we played, average of us consumed 3-4 full glasses of beer in one shot. And second bucket finished within half an hour. And we continued to play with our third bucket.

this is the only picture from that night

During third bucket, Mr Paul started to dizzy and so am i. We still continue to drink glasses after glasses until third bucket finished. However, Mr Lau insisted to order another bucket of beer. This time, Mr Paul already in my car and puked by the roadside and later he slept. And as for me, im in the cafe and took a rest. But after for a while, i puked in a glass and on the floor. Ok..this is really men-sia-sui-kan. Then i rushed to toilet and continued puke! This is the worst experience ever since year 2006 CNY. I puked for the second time during our 'heng tai' hangout sessions. I never puked during those hangouts. But this time really KO man. And this time i dont have 'bengkak' on my eye.

After 2-3 session of puking, we went home. I drove behind Mr Lau's car all the way to Mayang there. In between, we were stopped on roadblock at Taman Impian (if not mistaken). Luckily we werent arrested for drunk driving. Pheww... Then i drove home straight. And sleep til 2pm.
I duwan to have this experience anymore. No more! It's awful! The next day, my right arm felt so pain macam 'masuk angin'. The pain lasted through out whole day.

A lesson learnt. Puking really hurt especially it comes out from my nose's hole!! -_-"

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