Monday, October 04, 2010

Road Trip to Taiping and Ipoh

/This is continuous post from Road Trip 1/
/Should have taken more people of people instead of environment/

Approximatively 9AM, Paul, Jaryn and Sharon came to Auto City and save me from being one with McD Auto City, Juru. Before I sat in McD, I already have some breakfast in Nasi Kandar Pelita, Auto City and it saved couple of ringgits than me having breakfast in McD. 

And hence our road trip began~

First stop we went to Zoo Taiping.

Try to spot Sharon in the windowed cage.

Lazy Otter.. hmm!

Believe it or not, this bear giggled at us later on. :)

The biggest crocodile I ever seen! 

At KTM Station Ipoh.

Failed HDR effect. Front view of KTM Station Ipoh.


At Ipoh's Old Town White Coffee.

Kellis Castle.

The only tallest part of the Kellis Castle.

Behind of Kellis Castle, a ruined building.

And we headed back to Penang and had previous located Taman Sri Rambai Hawker Centre's Famous Belacan Chicken at Fresh Food Court.

After that, it's time to say Good Bye to Paul, Jaryn and Sharon for wonderful road trip and thank to Paul for becoming the driver. And nice to meet you, Jaryn. :)

PS: This road trip is a spontaneous trip. We had no idea where to head. We just hit the road!