Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fun-time with Pudding Camera

The other I was at Sunway Carnival Mall for a dinner with my gf and my family. We had Kenny Roger's Roaster as dinner. About the food, I think Kenny Roger's Roaster have downgraded as their food (chicken) are tasteless and the meat kinda 'old' to be chewed on.

Regardless how bad the food (chicken) are, the muffins are still the best. I like when it's wet from the inside. :p

Then we had our fun-time snapping pictures using my iPhone's Pudding Camera. It was fun!!!!

4x Camera

Motion Cam

FishEye = Hideous Face ever!

Fantasy Cam

Simply took some night shots while stuck in a jam.

I love Pudding Camera!!


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  2. How do you slow down the timer on this app? My second snapshot is always blurry. - Dee