Friday, October 08, 2010

How to remove Kaspersky License

Everybody loving it. And now you love to use it, Kaspersky Anti Virus or Kaspersky Internet Security on your laptop, netbook and desktop despite you hate to see the life-sized poster of Jackie Chan. Why Jackie Chan??!! Odd. 

And do you remember last time, that you always get prompted by Kaspersky that your license is blocked expired. And you don't know where to remove the Kaspersky license because the User Interface (UI) had changed from previous version.

Here is easy license removal guide.

*I'm using Kaspersky Anti Virus 11 (KAV11)*
  1. Go to taskbar and double click your Kaspersky icon.
  2. Then once it loaded, go click the link in the bottom right. It usually shows the remaining days left in your license.

3. Notice the red coloured X and click it to delete the current license.

       4. Click YES to confirm to delete of the current license.

5. And there you are! No more confusion to remove the blocked expired license.

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