Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New 'Dear'

Remember last time i blog-ged about my wishlist. Well, it doesnt came true the exact way. I meant my handphone, N81 8Gb. Remember? Hehe! Well, after days of researches, i switched my preference to N95 8Gb due to its functions and many more. Reason behind it is because it just released into the market. Kinda hot stuff. Damn cekap with the sliding mechanism. Plus its 5MP camera was way too awesome. 'Mou tak theng'. and etc etc etc...

Enough with the pros, as for the cons, 8gb memory with no other extra memory slot? WTF! Memory corrupt, so all stuffs f*cked up? That's why i didnt buy it. 8Gb kinda tempting but so what, technology so advanced, later memory card also will come out with 8Gb memory ma. EH! I think ad came out liao. Hoho! Nvm about the N95 8Gb liao. No more interest in it d.

So i decided to buy, N82!! Newly released model from Nokia! And i bought it on 9 Dec 2007, which is also my 'blackest day'. Swt! It came with 2Gb memory card, which sufficient for me, i guess. Probably will get bigger memory card when there's options in the market. Hehe! This 'dear' of mine, was a candybar version of N95 which mean it got 5Mp camera and GPS! But it got Xenon flash, for better flash when taking a picture.

The packaging of N82

Inside of the box

The front

The back with 5MP camera and xenon flash

Nice handphone with a ultimate Symbian 60 3rd. I love this 'dear' so much! Hehe! After all, it's my new 'dear'.

The outcome of the camera quite amazing. But i still lack of skill during capturing pictures.

The very first picture i took with my 'dear'

Testing out the macro shot

Queenbays Xmas Decoration

MacD's ice cream

EX shop in Queenbays

OoH, i so in love with my new handphone! It's gonna replace my digital camera, Nikon 3200. Bye Bye!

Ps: I changed my number ad. Msg me if u wanted my new number. My old number let to die or out of credit. :)

Ps2: Thank for the gift, dad!


  1. Lansi!!!! hurhh!! i wan my new phone~~~ wuwuwu!!!

  2. toi toi, u can go get ur new hp ma. jz dat u still duno wat to choose. hehe!