Monday, December 24, 2007

Booze Booze and Merry Christmas!

Today is the eve of Christmas. Lot of events happening around Penang. Around 4pm, the bridge will begin to jam (or earlier or later). Not a good advise to head to Penang Island. I will be stuck at home and have a mini booze party. Hehe! Already bought liquors for the night. Hopefully everything 'soon soon li li'. Hehe!

Haiz. I still home alone. Earlier during noon, i went out to tapao lunch for myself. Tapao-ed chicken rice with 'char siew'. Yummy! but hor, on the way back home, i saw her car at the vegetarian shop. The rush of memories banged my mind. -_-" Dun care about it. Just wanna say it. Haiz! Dun wanna care about it. If she wanna be friend with me, she should make 1st move, which i knew she wouldnt. Enough with this emo stuffs.

Let go back what i started earlier, i already bought liquors, 2 1L bottles of Johnnie Walker Black Label for my booze party. hehe! kinda a tradition liao. Swt! Last year we did a tequila session in my house and as far as i remembered, han ping was drunk or high and he did many dumb things. LOL! i wonder what will happen in this year. :)

Johnnie Walker Black Label

2 Johnnie Walker Black Label!

Closer look.

Twin Tower of Johnnie Walker

I wonder how will these 2 bottles left when the night over? Estimated 7-8 people.
Will keep the update on these liquors.

and .....


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