Thursday, August 24, 2006


It happened right after im back from Penang. Damn! Having some problems, example, bathing. Got to take a candle go into the bathroom. And put the candle onto somewhere dry and far from water. But the dark dark surrounding in the bathroom kinda cool with the candle light shines the small wet dark bathroom. It's like having a bath in the jungle just the light from the moon. Haha!
Too bad i cant take pic of the bathroom coz im not havin the digi-cam and im naked. Hehe!

After takin the bath, somehow i managed to wear my sleeping attire in the correct places. LoL. If not, ill be wearing my underwear on the parts of my body than the place it should be. My parent sit and take a nap on the sofa in the living room while my 3 little sisters and i sitting in the dining room with a candle shines our faces. Im so bored that i took out my digi-cam and took several pics of my sis and myself during the blackout.

"Survival Kits"

Stop lookin at my body!


I did take a scroll lookin at the affected area. The weird thing is, all the houses near JitSin High School got kena blackout. However, after 30minutes of hot humid dark blackout, the current is back online! And im happy that i able to connect to the world! and now i understood the 'kan kor-ness' when there's no electricity in the house or the city.

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