Monday, August 21, 2006

Because I'm a ....?

Have u ever feel sad or cry when u watchin a MV (music video)?

Well, i did but not cry la..just feel sad for the actor and actoress in the MV. Example KISS - Because i'm a girl. Have u ever watch this particular MV? Damn! U guys should watch it! Highly recommended by me. The MV is from Korea. So i think many girls will love to watch it since now in Malaysia, Korea drama is taking over the showtimes in national televisions.

Anyway back to the topic i was saying earlier, the MV basically about a photographer havin a photography session somewhere on the roadside. As the photographer about to snap some pic, a girl out of nowhere(like she pop-ed out into the scene) and BOOM! the photographer snapped a pic of her in a beautiful post.

Oppz, im blockin u? (sarcastic mode)

And the girl apologized to the guy, the photographer. Later one day, the guy went to a saloon where the girl was working but the guy doesnt know she was there. One of the girl's colleague was washing the guy's hair and the girl asked her colleague to exchange so that she could wash the guy's hair(sounded like she caressing the guy). However, misfortune happened. The guy's eyes was covered with soap and screamed in pain. The manager of the saloon scolded the girl and yet again she apologized to the guy. Haiz.

Scream! Im molesting you!

However the guy noticed the girl and accepted her apologize. On the another day, the girl went to the guy's studio just to return his snowcap that he wore to the saloon. As she was there, she was asked to pose some poses so the guy could snap a few pics of her. There is a guy who is the assitant for the guy in the studio. As this going on, they two eventually becomes couple. Spending time together in racing curcuit but riding on a scooter. SWT!!

Mat rempit?

Ok, the sad part is coming, hopefully i could explain emotionally. One night, the girl went to the studio to spend some quality time together. The guy tried to snap some pics but the camera was out of film(i know, this MV was made somewhere before digital camera). So the girl offered herself to help to take the filem from a film processing room. As she was trying to take the film on the top of the cupboard, her hand ter-knock the bottle of chemicals and the bottle spilled its contains to her eyes. And our beloved actoress aka the girl, screamed in pain while constanting rubbing her eyes. Later she was sent to the hospital and diagnosed that her eyes are gone which means she is blind!! The guy was hurting and cant stop blaming himself over the matter and decided to transplant his eyes to her. The good news is now the girl can SEE!! And the bad news is the guy is BLIND!!

Look like Bukkake!

After several days, the girl finally able to see the world again but she cant see the guy she loved around her. She missed him so bad that when she was working in the saloon, she thought that she saw the guy but she was mistaken the studio assistant for him. The assistant studio brought her a magazine where she was on the front page. She was hapy about it but couldnt share the joy with the guy she loved the most. One day, she headed to the racing curcuit when they pak tor on the scooter. She saw a cute dog biting a tennis ball and was running back towards to its owner. As she looked at the dog heads to, she was shocked!! And slowly walk up to the owner of the cute dog. ACTUALLY THE OWNER WAS HER LONG LOST BELOVED GUY. Now the guy wears black sunglasses and holds tongkat. She finally noticed that the guy is blind and cant sense her present around her. A picture flew passed the girl and she picked it up. The pic was the very first pic that the guy took accidently on the roadside. The guy noticed the pic was missing and searching for it. The girl gave the pic back to the guy and he thanked her but didnt knew it was her. Later he went back with the help of the cute dog. Leaving behind in tears.

Cry baby!

If you wanna watch the MV, here is the link KISS - Because I'm A Girl

P/S : Actually this MV is very very old d. BUT!! it's a good MV!! Enjoy!

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