Sunday, September 26, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

iDiGi Postpaid Plans for iPhone 4

From iDiGi Postpaid Plans for iPhone, I would love to get the iDiGi 88 plan. Firstly, I am fresh graduate that still unemployed, and which mean I can't afford to get better plans such as iDiGi 138 and iDiGi 238.

I only have to pay RM58 every months when the bill statement arrives. Not much harm can be done upon unemployed fresh graduate. Besides that, it got FREE 200 minutes calls, FREE 200 SMS, FREE 20 MMS. Best part is it applies to all local networks. With iDiGi 58, I can use these benefits to call, SMS and also MMS to friends even they are from other local networks.

Even though I call, SMS and MMS a lot and exceeded those FREE calls, SMS and MMS, I still able to call them at a fixed rate of 15sen per minute of call. I also can SMS them at 10sen per SMS. Lastly, MMS them at 20sen each. All these are from iDiGi 88 plan. Pretty affordable right?

Putting those aside, iDiGi 88 also get me 1GB of Internet usage. 1GB of bandwidth!!! With iPhone 4, most things can be done via their Apps and I don't even need to access full browser sized Facebook with Facebook for iPhone app. It will just use a mere few KB and don't even think of MB yet. With this 1GB of Internet usage, iDiGi 88 could get me update to my friends via Facebook even I stuck in a traffic jam. Best deal of having iDiGi 88 is I could use those bandwidth and even OVERUSE it. Why? With iDiGi 88, I won't get charge for additional usages. At least with this, I won't have to depend much on Streamyx when it is down for unknown reason. Just SURF away with iDiGi iPhone 4.

That's why I love DiGi for its superb iDiGi Postpaid for iPhone plans. Absolutely worth it!!

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