Saturday, September 25, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

My Top Three Apps/Games

Facebook for iPhone

Who in the world would live without Facebook? Hardly anyone. Everyone need to keep in touch with families and friends. With Facebook for iPhone, it isn't hard to connect to the world wide web and update your status to your families and friends. With its neat interface, it gotten more user friendly.

Look how neat and direct is the Facebook for iPhone's User Interface?

Hence, Facebook for iPhone is the first thing I would have/do whenever I touch an iPhone.

Twitter for iPhone

This would the second iPhone app that I would get it once I touched an iPhone. Social media, micro blogging and stalking are available through Twitter for iPhone. This is official iPhone app from Twitter to iPhone users. Its interface are pretty direct and quite easy to use once you played it one or twice. It keeps you connected to what is the latest news or what are your friends doing at the moment.

Let micro blogging and stalking with Twitter for iPhone.

Angry Birds

Anyone up for Angry Birds? It is the current most popular game ever, ever, EVER in iPhone. Basically it is about catapulting birds to destroy various types of defense set up by the pigs. It got more than 200 levels to get over and one level after another, the difficulty got even harder. 

Angry Birds really helps me to kill time whenever I waiting for my friends. Or my friends wait me for me to finish playing one level. Haha! Angry Birds definitely worth to buy and play. And look out for new update for Angry Birds.

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