Saturday, October 25, 2008

About Me

First lecture in Psycology and i learnt of myself.


My lecture gave us a paper each to answer it. There are 4 questions and each questions will determined who you are or what you are.

Well, at the end of the paper, i found myself is an ESFP. Let me explain what is ESFP.

First, E stands for Extraversion.
It means that i acts before i think. And im quite open to and motivated by outside world of people and things. Easily "wow" at new things, i guess. :) and to say more, i wants an iphone. *greedy*

Second, S stands for Sensing.
Im not that type that see things in future but live up to the current/present life and seeking for the present oppurtunities if given. Always take the past experiences to help me to understand. One more thing is that i dont like to guess when i given an incomplete information. I prefer direct and clear information to my face. However, i think i like to guess what people doing and thinking instead of riddles.

Third, F stands for Fucking Feeling.
I make choices based on my feeling and other people feelings. Quite sensitive to other people feelings, reactions and emotions. I do what good for majority (excluding myself) even i gotta sacrifies my times, efforts, and minds. Usually i ask for people opinions to finalize a decision.

Lastly, P stands for Perceiving.
I able to work under pressure even though i hate it. Sure able to complete my given tasks before deadlines. And i work under my own flexiblilty. If i wanna sleep, i sleep and i wont do my works. :) *evil*

As a conclusion,


For ESFPs the dominant quality in their lives is theirenthusiatic attention to the outer world of hands-on and real-life experiences. ESFPs are excited by continuous invovlement in new activities and new relationships. ESFPs also have a deep concern for people, and they show their caring in warm and pragmatic gestures of helping. ESFPs are typically energetic and adaptable realists, who prefer to experience and accept life rather to judge or organize it.

So this all basically more or less about me. And i think i could make this post become "About Me".

To make it more complete,

Name : Jimmy Tong Weng Ting
Date of birth : 17 April 1987
Hometown : Bukit Mertajam, Penang
Status : Single :P
Education : Degree on Advertising @ UTAR PJ

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