Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Quickie on March

Let glimpse through what i had/went/did in the month of March.

Sharon's 21st Birthday

It was on 3rd March, we celebrated Miss Sharon Pang's 21st birthday at a karaoke in SS2. We sang till the karaoke closed. Wakaka!

Sharon 21st Bday
This is Sharon.

Sharon Bday guys

Sharon Bday girls

Serene's 21st Birthday

It was 11th March, but we celebrated with Miss Serene Cheah at Ruums, KL. Ohya, that was my first time clubbing in KL.

Serene and I
Me and Birthday girl, Serene.

Serene Bday Group Pic
Group pic at Ruums.

Ice Skating at Sunway Piramid

It was on 16th March. Went skating at Sunway Piramid with Henry, Henry's sis, Pei Lee and Shu Xian. I fell 3 times. 3rd time is because i was chasing after a 'banana-colored' girl. LOL.

I skated

Lai Yoek 21st Birthday

Im doomed! So many birthdays in a month. It fell on 26th March. Had our celebration at Chilis, 1U. They almost late for Japanese class, all attended for the celebration expect me (I took Chinese Language).

Lai Yoek Bday with me
Bday girl with me.

Lai Yoek 21st Bday Group pic

Groupie Pic

Baskin Robbin @ 1U

Again in 1U, i getting bored of 1U d. It was 31st March, which mean 31% discount for Baskin Robbins ice cream. Yummy~ Bought a quart shared by 5 peoples. And we ate at MacD and studying Japanese and Chinese. LOL.

Baskin n I
Look at it! big lo!

Scooping Baskin
I ta da ki masu~

Emptied Baskin

And all that was what I did in the month of March. I still busy busy busy with my assignments. *rushing*

PS: i think the pictures i uploaded kinda huge. 800x600 wor, but gotta make it smaller next time.


  1. woah...finally u updated.. tot u terus hilang d. Hahaha....Ur pics all too big la weih... with this damn fark mc forever je the pics all to appear. LOL.

  2. i do update, just that i draft it nia, haha! sry ah.. i pun fikir that the pics kinda big jor. i will make it smaller nxt time. :)