Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A piece of Hong life

Once upon a time, there was a lovely couple husband and wife living afar from wars and havocs. The guy name is Hong and his lovely wife is Mi. They has been married for 10 years and more. Despite the long bond between Hong and his wife, Mi, they did not have any children because the foods were barely enough to support them two.

Everyday, Hong and his friends will go to the fields and farms to work for a rich heir, Ming. Ming was a rich guy and he have not married. Therefore, he was quite famous amongst the women. Hong pluck and sow the farm everyday with all his might just to earn some money for the foods for himself and his lovely wife. Hong will go to work early in the morning and return very late in the afternoon, just before the sun set for the day.

Mi, the lovely wife, will normally do the house chores to keep their wooden house clean and neat. The house consisted of a room for them to sleep and a living room to eat meals and serve guests. The kitchen was located beside the house. Mi will starts cooking when the sun about to set, so she can help to restore her husband's energy.


In a few months, Hong realized that it will be Mi's birthday and Hong wanted to give Mi a surprise gift and also as a token of love and appreciation to his wife. In order to get a gift, Hong went on to do more jobs at Ming's farms and fields. Ming understood Hong's situation and agreed to allow Hong to do more jobs and earn more money. Ever since then, Hong's time spend in the work getting more and more compare to the time he spend with his wife, Mi. Hong does not know Mi's feeling of being lonely and scared because Hong always sleep once he back from work. There were not much conversation between the couple.

After the few months, finally it was Mi's birthday and Hong already got his suprise gift for his wife. Hong was at home all day, preparing foods and decorated the house with what he could find to beautified the house. As all the preparation done, all what Hong can do was to wait Mi to come back.

Hours after hours, Hong waited for Mi but Mi not home yet and he was worried. Hong got even more worried when the sun almost set for the day. Just before the sun set, Hong saw a car hurriedly stopped at Hong's compound. As Hong looked out, he saw Mi got down from the car and unwantedly saw his boss, Ming kissed Mi. With such scene to look with his bare eyes, Hong burst out and grapped Ming out from the car and threw a few punches onto Ming's face. While Hong at it, Mi crying out loud and begged to let Ming go. At once, Hong let the bastard go and Ming quickly got up to his car and scrammed off the scene.

Then, a moment of silence struck between Hong and Mi and later Hong weeped and heartbroken after saw what did Mi do. All the trust he gave to his wife was broken and shattered. The love for his wife not longer there. It was like standing beside a total stranger. Hong was so heartbroken that he ran into the house and packed Mi stuffs and threw it out from the house. Mi was crying nonstop and were so sorry but she did not accept that this was her fault. She was lonely while Hong busying outside and always come back home looking very exhausted. Mi were so confused and so did Hong. Hong did not care what Mi's explaination. He just want Mi to get out from his view and life. And so Mi walked off to nowhere in the dark.

Hong was weeping in their his bed, and thinking back all the times he have with his wife ex-wife. Those times were so sweet that Hong does not even want to forget it. But the trust from a husband to a wife were broken. And as people said, shattered glass can not stick back together. Hong continued weeping as there was no one to comfort him.

After 20 years, Hong still living alone at age 58. His heart was still broken ever since that incident. He could not trust anyone. Even if Hong did, he will stilll have deep thoughts what might happen if he find a new lover. So at age 63, Hong died in his very wooden house. No one knew Hong died as his house were in rural area, and only known to his friends, Mi and Ming. Poor Hong.

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